Mezzanine vs. Floor — What’s the Difference?

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Whether its for architectural definitions or for insurance policies, a mezzanine and a floor carry with them large differences. Many people may be confused with the difference between these architectural structures, but there are some simple architectural dimensions to them that define a mezzanine versus a floor.

What is a Floor?

It is easier to define a mezzanine if a definition of a floor is made. Whether its commercial or residential property, a floor is best described as a surface area where people can walk or reside. Floors in a building or home can cover the entire area between the walls of the building. Floors are also enclosed within a ceiling area. When discussing the difference between one floor and another, each floor can cover different areas of spaces, but each floor is enclosed within walls and a ceiling. So, for example, the first floor to a building may be the largest floor, but the second, third, and other floors may have smaller surface areas.

What is a Mezzanine?

The key difference between a mezzanine and a floor is a mezzanine is a partial floor where the mezzanine shares the same ceiling space as the floor below it. Mezzanines are usually built into walls and they can also be anchored by columns connecting to the below floor. Mezzanines are not defined as a full floor and they usually cover less than 25 percent of the area space of the floor below them. Mezzanines are usually constructed to provide extra space on a floor for storage or for workers to conduct their work. Mezzanines may also function as a separate floor space in residential or commercial properties, such as a transit mezzanine where one can buy their ticket and then go downstairs to the bottom floor of a transit station. Mezzanines are also commonly referred to as seating areas at stadiums or theaters. These mezzanine seats hang over the floor space where most people sit. Source:


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Sending School Messages the Easy Way

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You don’t have to be considered as a geek to appreciate the value of good communication. This is especially true for the flow of information from the school your child attends. Paper notes that are sent home for your observation have a way of getting misplaced. The good news is that technology has managed to solve some of those issues for parents and teachers. Just keep your smart phone close by, and you will be informed.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 1.27.06 pm

The Benefits

It is called schoolstream and it is designed to increase the flow of information in real time. The spread of information is not restricted to your smart phone it can also be introduced to laptops and tablets. Every electronic device with Internet capability will be an opportunity to stay in touch. The peace of mind coupled with the fact that nothing will slip between the cracks makes this a worthwhile venture for both parent and teacher.

What It Does

Familiar programs are used to provide instant emails and upcoming calendar events. Forums that are specific to schoolstream are designed to provide an avenue for real time communication between both caregivers. Apps are easy to install and can be downloaded to many platforms, especially Android and Apple products. It is no longer necessary to use the excuse that you didn’t know. To find out more, visit the School Stream Facebook or Twitter Page.


Mark Stanley the God of TV

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If you dont know who Mark Stanley is then Google it. Or take a look at the interview of him below. He had another great season on the Game of Thrones. You can also read more about him


VVS företag i Uppsala som du kan lita på

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Har du problem med läckage i din lagenhet eller hus? Visste du att vi lovar snabb service och bra pris på alla våra tjänster. Logga in på var hemsida idag! VVS Uppsala en rörmokare du kan lita på!

About pool fencing

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How would any one out there go about finding a good company. Glass fencing busnisses in Australia is florishing because of the high demand of beautiful fencing in the yard. More and more households are now understanding that they can increase the value of their property by adding a modern visible pool fence instead of the old traditional methods.


Pool fencing Gold Coast are for example specialists in the QLD area where glass pool fencing perth concentrate more on the WA area. It is good to know that you should always call your local pool fencing company as they will quote you more accurately than a vendor in a different city. Planning a pool fencing project with one of the vendors you must first think if this is a DIY work or if you are willing to pay someone to come and fix this for you. I always recommend to contact a specialist if you dont have the knowledge it requires.

frameless glass pool fencing

Perth region has a specialist that has operated for more than 20 years and you can find their website here. If you think you will have a problem with you purchase or have any consulting questions make sure you visit their website.



Colorbond Prices

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Hi guys and welcome to another post on my  blog. As you know already I have a huge interesting in different fencing alternatives. I probably have not mentioned this before but I have worked with fencing for more than 10 years and look where that got me. Colorbond prices around Australia are at the moment at its highest peak. A reason for this is the supplies from overseas have increased in price and therefore the final price given to customers gets higher as well. Understanding how colorbond prices works and where and how you can get an affordable quote will help you save some extra cash at the end of the day. My friends website offers a huge range of colorbond fence options and therefore able to offer you one of the most competitive prices as well. Turing to someone that knows the market and also supply fencing to all Australian states, you can be guranteed to get the lowest price possible. If you have DIY questions or anything to that, be sure you will get them answered as well.

Glass pool fencing in NSW and VIC

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Welcome back to this weeks swimming pool fencing blog. I have some great information to share with you all. Last week I mentioned that I was gonna go out and look for more fencing sites and I am happy to announce that I have done so and ready to share the results with you guys. Ok I already mentioned about glass pool fencing Brisbane but if you look into other states such as NSW and VIC we find other respected fencing businesses. Enough said, glass pool fencing Sydney has operated for a longer time and they seem to serve the whole Sydney area. If you live close to Sydney I would definitely give them a call or visit their website for more information.

glass pool fencing sydney

On the other hand, further down in the country I found another glass pool fencing company in Melbourne. Very similar to the one in Sydney, but they are able to serve areas 1-2 hours outside the CBD! Fantastic news. For more information go to or just give them a ring if you thing that is easier.

glass pool fencing melbourne

Factors to consider when planning on your next Glass pool fence

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Swimming pool fencing is like any other thing you get for your home, its most likely an expensive investment, will add great value for your home, and to some extent look good and fulfil its function. Glass pool fences come in different forms and shapes, thickness and design and are better suited in some situations than other, but it is your responsibility to look up all the information before you get pool fencing Brisbane

First you should consider if you have the knowledge and are willing to do all the job by yourself and only get the supplies or other way around, you get the supplies and let someone else do the job. In either case, be clear about what you want and make sure you take the proper safety precautions before you get started.

If you are planning a DIY for your fencing or balustrade project, glass pool fencing Brisbane are able to supply you with an excellent DIY guide that will get you started.

Questions you need to ask yourself is, what is the purpose of the fence?

Is it for a pool fence or are you planning a glass balustrade in your home? In either way there are specific things you need to consider. If you are planning a glass pool fence you need to be sure if you want a frameless fence or a semi frameless fence. They are both equally safe but frameless pool fences look a bit better but at the same time cost a little bit more money.

Secondly, you have to consider the surface the fence is going to be fixed to. There are many different type of surfaces including inground, concrete and timber deck and all require different knowledge on how to complete installation.

If you head over to our website at we will be able to help you directly with your concerns.

Lastly we always recommend to get a quote and do the math before you get started. Leaving a fence half way finished because you ran out of finance is like having no fence at all. If you getting a quote from a suppliers, make sure you ask them about all hidden fees and other costs that will be added to the total amount.